Tiffany Named Finalist for Rising Star Award

mpower award

Exciting news just in!

Tiffany has recently been announced as a finalist in the Rising Star award category of The Mpower National Business Awards, a prestigious awards ceremony celebrating mums in business throughout the UK who manage the difficult task of juggling business with family life.

This is a huge accolade for any mum running their own business and Tiffany is hugely excited to have achieved this recognition.  Safe to say the TWVA team couldn’t be prouder of their amazing leader!

The Rising Star Award recognises starting a business can be a slow and challenging process, but sometimes we see someone who has made a quantum leap; someone whose ambition and drive has captured the imagination of others and who has achieved a high level of success in a relatively short period of time.

As well as being shortlisted for this category, Tiffany is also in with a chance of winning the title of Mpower Woman of The Year 2018, which will be awarded to the mum who is an inspiration to all women in business.

Having reached the finals of The Mpower National Business Awards, Tiffany said:

“I am truly shocked to reach the finals in this category.  Starting TWVA was never about achieving recognition for what I do, merely to help those in business enjoy what they do by reducing or removing the overwhelm and stress that often comes with trying to juggle all the behind the scenes bits when running your own business.  I am shortlisted with 11 other amazing business women and I feel incredibly proud to be in this situation after just two years in business.  Here’s to a night off mummy duties and bringing home the award!”

The Gala Awards are being held on 23rd June 2018 at the Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury.

For more information, please contact Tiffany at


We’re Rebranding

GDPR blog (1)

We have some very exciting news to share! Today, we are introducing our new brand and website to the world – fanfare, please!

TWVA Limited was founded in 2016 by Tiffany Wise and in a short period of time the company has grown to a team of six, achieved a 99% client retention rate and introduced a host of new services to support our clients.  Since opening our laptops for business, we have provided business support to many individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate executives from across the UK, achieved outstanding positive customer satisfaction and created a supportive and innovative virtual team.

So, why the rebrand?

TWVA has been on an incredible journey since it launched over two years ago. TWVA’s original brand represented Tiffany and her journey from Personal Assistant to Virtual Assistant (PA to VA).

The expansion of the TWVA virtual team and the variety of skills between us means that not only has TWVA grown, but our relationships with our clients have evolved and our portfolio of services has increased making it the perfect time for a rebrand!

Our Values

Our new branding captures our commitment to offer a truly bespoke service for each client, tailoring the service we provide them to provide a truly personalised service, allowing our clients to spend time on the things that really matter, whether that’s business, family or some well-deserved self care.

We take the stress and overwhelm out of administration by assisting with anything ‘behind the scenes’ from diary and inbox management, travel and events, customer care, credit control through to social media and marketing.


Same great team, gorgeous new branding!

The team here felt the purple, pink and yellow colours identified TWVA perfectly.  We are a vibrant, modern and fun team to work with and we are committed to supporting our Clients reach their goals.

Looking forward

We hope you’ll love the new brand as much as we do and that you’ll continue to share our journey with us. Tiffany said:

“I am incredibly proud of how the business has evolved over such a short space of time.  I am passionate about what my team and I are able to achieve for our clients and I truly feel that the rebrand reflects us perfectly.  I am excited for the journey ahead and to continue our growth with the support of a truly amazing team and a growing portfolio of wonderful clients.”

If you’re interested to hear more about our Virtual Business Support services, contact Tiffany on or call 07760 222906.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new brand in the comments below?

Time Saving Tips For Business

time saving tips

They say that time is money so if you don’t like wasting money, why would you want to waste time?!

Recent research suggests that few people choose to spend their money on time-saving purchases in daily life despite it being linked to a better work-life balance and improved happiness.

We asked the TWVA team to come up with a list of their best time-saving productivity tips to share with you in the hope that it will help you to reduce stress and enable you to focus on all the tasks you need to complete.  So here goes …

  • Review your week every Friday. Knowing where you are at will enable you to prepare for the following week.
  • Use Pomodoro. This is a method whereby you set a timer for 25 minutes and focus on one task only. You then have a 5-minute rest and repeat (it’s a bit similar to HIIT training if you’re a fitness fan!). This is a great tool to use if you are a procrastinator by nature.
  • Integrate household chores into your day.
  • Use a password manager. If you’re one to easily forget your passwords then you need one of these! We use LastPass and recommend the software to our clients too.
  • Switch off at the weekend. We can’t stress enough how important self-care is and will help you to be more productive.
  • Try and switch off from social media by 9pm each evening, or better still – why not have a full day off it once in a while (yes, we know the thought may be terrifying!)?
  • Invest in a decent office set up as this will provide you with a mindset to want to work.
  • Don’t lose track of personal or family celebrations or occasions. Have a shared calendar in the family so, for example, anniversaries don’t get forgotten!

Keep an eye on TWVA’s Facebook page for our regular videos where we share our most tried and tested top tips!

Tiffany Wise Announced as New Ambassador for The Business Girls Network

Biz Girls Network.png

Tiffany is proud to be joining The Business Girls Network as the High Wycombe networking ambassador.  Tiffany will be arranging meet-ups in High Wycombe for like-minded business women who are keen to come and meet others (often those running their own businesses) and build relationships.

The Business Girls Network is an award-winning online and offline community for women in business, where ‘women empower women’!  It was founded in 2014 by Amanda Ayres and has grown into a credible and vibrant community of over 3500 businesswomen, representing everything from cake bakers to wedding dress designers to vintage upholsterers.

It has become the ‘go-to’ place for women in business and TWVA Limited Founder, Tiffany Wise, is thrilled to be launching the High Wycombe BGN network.

The networking event will be held at The Works, High Wycombe, on the second Tuesday of each month.  The first event will be held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 and tickets can be purchased here.

Tiffany selected The Works as the location for The Business Girls Network meetups because it’s a family run business and it was important for Tiffany to support local small businesses.  She is also not afraid to admit that she was swayed to choose their venue by the incredible menu!  If you visit one of the events and want to continue your conversations with any of the other like-minded business women, why not stay on for a tasty lunch afterwards. Tiffany said:

“The Business Girls Network really resonates with me both as a female business owner and with the vibrant, collaborative brand that I have established within TWVA.  One of the big benefits of joining the Business Girls Network is that there is no industry lockout meaning there is no hint of competition, it’s all about collaboration and this is an ethos that I wholeheartedly support.  Amanda is an inspiration in what she has achieved with the BGN business and I am thrilled to be joining the team.”

Watch Tiffany’s Facebook Live introduction to The Business Girls Network

Video credit: @thebusinessgirlsnetwork


GDPR Will Have A Positive Impact on Your Business!

GDPR blog (1)

So, the much talked about 25th May has been and gone and, guess what?  Amazingly the world hasn’t ended just because GDPR is now in force!

You may have noticed some panic about GDPR amongst business owners in the last few weeks.  However, as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated, you have one-year advisory period to ensure that you comply with what is the most significant shakeup in data privacy in 20 years so this state of panic is not necessary!

What is GDPR and why should you know about it if you’re a business owner?

As consumers do and store more online, the threat of data breaches and privacy lapses are ever present, but UK citizens’ privacy rights are not well protected.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) builds on the existing Data protection act 1998. The GDPR is aimed at giving consumers the right to know, limit, delete and correct information about themselves. The regulations will provide consumers with better access to the personal information collected about them and improve corporate accountability for data handling.

What benefits will I see in my business from ensuring GDPR compliance?

Firstly, you’re legally obliged to ensure your business is compliant with GDPR regardless of whether it would bring any benefits.  However, there are huge benefits to companies that complete ‘data hygiene’ checks in preparation for the May deadline.  Let’s look at a few:


You will have complete confidence that your customers have given informed consent for you to market to them and it will bring better engagement with customers, enabling you to be better able to direct more targeted marketing to them.


By ensuring your business is compliant you are securing your reputation. After all, major breaches have made global headlines!


Having a good reputation for handling and processing customer data compliantly, as well as being known for being ‘secure’, will bring new customers and boost customer loyalty among existing customers.

Where do I start with ensuring my business is compliant?

The GDPR is a chance to get your house in order and conduct ‘data hygiene’ practices to clean up your data collection and retention practices ahead.

If you haven’t already started (it’s OK, we won’t tell the ICO!), here’s a summary of the process that you should be undertaking in your business:

  • Consult
  • Conduct Data Audit
  • Reconsent Active Users
  • Appoint a member of staff as DPO
  • Assess Encryption
  • Establish Retention Period
  • Put Clean Policies and Procedures in Place
  • Communicate internally and externally

For more information click to visit ICO website.