Is your VA effective?

Virtual Assistants focus on finding solutions and providing valuable support to their clients.  They can be a valuable asset for your business – they can work with you as a problem solver, a creative mind, someone to bounce ideas around with, someone to manage logistics and generally make things happen!  Sometimes they’re the glue keeping things together.  But how do you know if your VA is effective and therefore worthy of the additional monthly spend?  Well, let’s look at the value they bring …

They give you back thinking space

You may find since you’ve started working with your VA, you have extra time on your hands.  Some Clients very quickly fill up this extra time.  However, one thing remains – you’ve been left with room to think, room to breathe.  The everyday tasks and projects that were once clogging up your mind have been passed on.  Now you have the space to concentrate on more important things to grow and develop your business which will ultimately generate you more revenue.

They just ‘make things happen’!

The things that you used to follow up, chase, action or organise just happen.  Your VA has pre-empted and already actioned things behind the scenes.  Or maybe they’ve updated your workflows and things are being sent out automatically using automations.  However they’ve done it, they have identified your needs and put steps in place to make things happen and keep the cogs of your business seamlessly turning taking the pressure off of you.

You’ve been given the freedom to get back to what you do best

Now that you don’t have to wear all the hats, you can get back to the reason why you started your business in the first place.  The thing that you’re passionate about.  What you’re good at.  Helping your Clients solve the problem they’re facing.  You’re no longer bogged down with the admin heavy side of your business and if you think about it, once you’re spending more time doing what you do best, you’re once again generating more revenue.

Your business can grow

With all the extra time and head space generated by working with a VA, you can spend time thinking about business development.  Revisit the goals and plans you put in place when you first created your business plan – now, not only do you have the time to think about it but you can actually implement some of these ideas with the support of your VA to help you make things happen!

Welcome to feeling calmer, more organised and less stressed

With things running smoothly and extra time on your hands, you should start to feel more relaxed.  You should feel calmer, less stressed and overwhelmed than you did before.  Sometimes just having someone there in your corner can have a big impact on your mindset.  You’re not alone in this journey after all.  Maybe with your extra time you can start to take some time out, to do things for yourself, giving you some time to relax and enjoy life.  Or maybe it’s simply enough to be enjoying the business owner life again! 

If all this sounds amazing, it is totally possible if you find the right VA (funnily enough we’ve done a blog about that too! Just click here.)  However, it is dependent on how many hours you invest in your VA each month.  You’ll notice a difference as soon as you start working with a VA, but the more time you invest each month, the bigger the difference you will notice.

If you’re looking for a secret weapon to running your business effectively, why not get in touch and find out how the TWVA team could help.  Email Tiffany at to find out more.

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