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Tiffany is determined to show that with the right help and correct processes in place, anyone can take the leap into business ownership and also enjoy the benefits of a great work-life balance with the support of a trusted Virtual Assistant to support their business growth.

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What does Tiffany talk about?

There are two main topics that Tiffany is passionate speaking about.  The first is providing insight into life as an entrepreneur.  For some reason being a business owner is still very much glamourised and Tiffany aims to provide an honest account of what you really encounter when you make the leap into business ownership.

After all, those of us that have already taken that step will know only too well the lows that come with the highs so it’s a journey only for those who like emotional rollercoasters!

Tiffany’s second topic aims to educate business owners on outsourcing and working with a Virtual Assistant, in particular.   The trend towards more flexible working has contributed to an explosion in the number of virtual assistants (or VAs as they’re commonly known) popping up, however the industry is currently an unregulated one so it’s important to us to make sure businesses know the ins and outs that they should be adhering to when making that leap to outsource and work with a VA.

Previous Talks

Make It Your Business: Maidenhead

Make It Your Business is a nationwide initiative to encourage and support women to start their own business.  Tiffany was honoured to speak at this large event about her business journey and in front on the guest of honour, Theresa May, Prime Minister.

The Business Show: Excel London – ‘Virtual Assistants: The Secret to Your Business Growth’

This talk provides key information about outsourcing to business owners who realise there are not enough hours in the day!  Tiffany highlights working with a good Virtual Assistant can be the key to meeting your Clients’ needs AND maximising your business efficiency, growth and, ultimately, success.

The Future Assistant Conference: London – ‘Remote Working Tools – Staying productive when you work from home & never see your boss!’

When an Assistant rarely sees their Executive the challenge to work smarter is an everyday struggle. How do Assistants cope with the distance, lack of face time and building rapport? Tiffany spoke on behalf of VIP VA (on which she sits on their Advisory Board) and provided suggestions on how to work smarter and more effectively with absent Executives.

Upcoming Talks

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What People Say

“I have been considering hiring an assistant to help with some business admin for some time. I’m really pleased I came to hear Tiffany’s talk because it’s given me a good idea of key actions I must take to ensure me and my business are in safe hands.”


“Tiffany had us all engaged at #TheBusinessShow – Great talk on how to outsource.”


“Tiffany has inspired me to follow my goals and start the business I have always dreamed of”