We could easily sit here and reel off hundreds of reasons why you should start using a Virtual Assistant.  We could go into lengthy detail on all the benefits of how we can save you time and money, increase your turnover, give you time back to do exciting things with your family etc but, here at TWVA (as you probably already know!), we like to do things a little differently… 

So, instead of telling you why you SHOULD be hiring a Virtual Assistant, we’re here to tell you 5 reasons why you should NOT hire a VA!  So here goes …

1. You’re happy as you are…

If you’re quite happy with how your business is running, you’re ticking along nicely, you love doing everything that comes with running a small business then a VA is not for you. 

You may have all the systems in place that you need, or you might simply not be interested in growing your business and therefore don’t need to free up any more of your time.  If this is you and you’re happy with how things are, that’s fine, just keep going!

2.   You’re really not ready to let go…

Tiffany openly admits she is a control freak so the TWVA team have first-hand experience of dealing with people who aren’t quite ready to let things go! 

However, unlike Tiffany, if you can’t see the bigger picture and the benefits that will come to not only your business, but to your personal life, then it’s likely you will just end up micromanaging your VA and it’s probably not the right path for you to take.  That doesn’t mean to say it won’t ever happen, but you need to be in the right mindset before you will happily trust and let someone get involved the intricacies of your business baby.

3.   You really don’t know what you want…

Similarly to the above, we’ve worked with a number of Clients who knew they need our help but didn’t have a clue where to start. 

We work with all our Clients to find out more about their business and give suggestions on ways we could support them to grow their business, whilst freeing up their time.  However, ultimately we need to know the direction the business owner wants to take the business, what the priorities are and what they think they need help with.  Take the time to think about this before approaching any VAs about business support.

4.   You really can’t afford to pay the bills

Hiring a Virtual Assistant has to be seen as an investment in your business.  Ultimately, by freeing up your time, you can focus on the core activities that bring you in more money so you generate a return on your investment.  But, realistically, if you don’t have the funds available to pay your VA, it’s just an added burden for you to carry each month.  Look for VAs where you can increase your time with them slowly if funds may be an issue.

5.   And of course, if you already have an amazing VA!

Well this isn’t rocket science, but if you’ve already got an amazing VA who is supporting you and your business, filling the skill gaps you need and constantly adding value to both your business and personal life then carry on!  Most of our Clients are longstanding so we like to think they’ve nailed this one!

If after reading this you’ve decided you do want an extra pair of hands in your business, why not arrange a FREE 30 minute consultation with Tiffany?  Just call on 07760 222906 or email tiffany@twva.co.uk to find out more.

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