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I was recently asked what my ‘lightbulb moment’ had been on my business journey.  If I’m completely honest, I hadn’t really given it any thought before that moment but it struck me that my lightbulb moment was definitely the time I found my passion for public speaking. In particular, educating business owners on outsourcing to grow their business and life as an entrepreneur.

This may come as no surprise to those of you who know me well – after all, there’s no such thing as a 5 minute conversation in my world, it’s usually a minimum of at least 20 minutes, I certainly like to talk!  But my business journey has opened my eyes to so much in such a short space of time that I feel it’s my purpose to now spread the word and educate both budding entrepreneurs and existing business owners on what I’ve learned.

So, what are these messages I’m out there preaching to the masses I hear you ask?!

TWVA Outsourcing
Tiffany speaking at The Business Show at London Excel – November 2018

Well, there are two main topics that I’m passionate about.  The first is a warts and all insight to life as an entrepreneur.  For some reason being a business owner is still very much glamourised and I feel that it’s only right to give people an honest account of what you really encounter when you make the leap into self-employment.  After all, those of us that have already taken that step will know only too well the lows that come with the highs so it’s a journey only for those who like emotional rollercoasters!  Just under 8 weeks ago I was asked to speak about this particular topic at the inaugural Make It Your Business event in Maidenhead.  Make It Your Business is a nationwide initiative to encourage and support women to start their own business.  It was an especially proud moment to be able to speak to a large audience in my local area, but I was also honoured and privileged to speak in front of the guest of honour at the event – none other than Theresa May, Prime Minister.  The PM gave a superb, empowering speech on how important it is to support women in business to drive forward our economy and it cemented my desire to speak publicly more often.

Tiffany speaking at Make It Your Business – September 2018

In addition to talking about my business journey, I have also started speaking at events aimed at educating business owners on outsourcing and working with virtual assistants in particular.   The trend towards more flexible working has contributed to an explosion in the number of virtual assistants (or VAs as they’re commonly known) popping up but the industry is an unregulated one so it’s important to me to make sure businesses know the ins and outs that they should be adhering to when making that leap to outsource and work with VAs.  I recently took to the stage at The Business Show at Excel in London to talk about this exact topic and sharing how VAs can be the secret to a business’s growth.

Tiffany with Prime Minister Theresa May – speaking at Make It Your Business September 2018

If you have a business event coming up and Tiffany’s speaking topics sound relevant to your audience, contact Tiffany at or on 07760 222906.


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