Let’s face it, in this digital age where email, video, online marketing and social media take over our lives, it’s important to maintain a regular and consistent presence to our customers and potential clients.  But it’s so hard and time consuming to do it all!  We end up getting bogged down in our own processes and procedures.  Spending more time in our businesses, than on them.  This is where automation could be a game changer and help you to take your business to the next level.

Below we look at 5 ways to automate your business and start saving time!

Streamline Your Communications

Are you drafting the same old email over and over again, each and every time you sign up a new client?  Or when you get a new email subscriber are you having to remember to send them your template emails at the right stage of their customer journey?  Then you need email automation!  Here at TWVA we LOVE Mailchimp!  It’s free up to 2000 email addresses, and this includes their landing pages and email automation.  You have complete control over how many emails you have in a series, how and when they are sent and each one is completely customisable.  It’s the perfect way to build a relationship with prospects or for onboarding new clients with all the information they need to know, only requiring you to add their email address into the list.

Invoicing and Payments

How much time are you wasting each month chasing payments or sending out the same invoice for a different month?  There are a number of different invoicing systems out there.  A few we assist clients with are Wave, QuickBooks and Quickfile.  All of these programs allow you to create automatic recurring invoices, saving you time each and every month.  But what about having to chase?  Take away the hassle and use the likes of GoCardless or Stripe and never worry again.  you simply set them up at the beginning and away you go.  We even use GoCardless here at TWVA which means neither we, or our clients, need to worry about organising payments at the beginning of the month.  It’s all done automatically.  If something needs adjusting one month, it’s quick and simple to do.  But it’s not just for monthly payments – they are customisable so if you need to charge every week, bimonthly or even yearly, it’s all possible!

Appointment Reminders and Booking Systems

There are a number of different booking systems available, depending on your industry and requirements.  But most will have some sort of reminder service to help reduce the number of missed appointments.  And what’s more, a lot of them will integrate with things like Mailchimp, meaning that you can even send them updates on what to expect before their appointment, send them any forms or questionnaires they need to complete before their appointment to save you time during their consultation.

Task Management

If you are still writing down your to do list, or trying to remember everything in your head, this could be a complete game changer for you!  Compatible with both desktop and smartphones, with apps such as Asana and Trello, you can literally have your task list at your fingertips.   Asana is one of our favourites with both boards and lists.  You can create different projects so you can have your personal and business to do list separate, but all in one place.  You can set up reminders, share/delegate tasks to another person.  You can even integrate Asana with your Gmail account and either directly add an email into your task list (which also gives you the history!) or you can email through to a dedicated email address which will upload onto your Asana task list.

File Sharing

If you are forever sharing documents with your team over email, there is a much simpler way.  Using something like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive you can securely file and share documents with the rest of your team.  And if you have something confidential that you don’t want them seeing, it’s not a problem, you can restrict the access of who can see and/or open the files.

Here at TWVA we have a systems & automation specialist so if you would like to learn more about ways you could streamline your business, why not arrange a call with Tiffany on 07760 222906 or email tiffany@twva.co.uk to find out more.

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