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If you have started your business to get a better work life balance, it can quickly become a struggle to maintain when your business, or your family, starts to grow.  You want the flexibility to spend time with your family.  But when things start taking off within your business, you feel you need to commit your time to help it flourish.  Throwing yourself into one or the other then starts to feel like a juggling act, inevitably leaving one or the other to struggle.  So how do you balance a growing business around family life?

Make lists

Sounds simple enough, but even just writing a list and getting everything from inside your head down onto a piece of paper will make things a lot clearer.  And this isn’t just for business.  Use it for personal things too.  Need to make a dentist appointment for the kids or pick up some bread?  Add it to the list.  Physically seeing everything will allow you to prioritise, but also gives a sense of satisfaction as you cross things off.

Don’t overstretch yourself

It’s very easy when starting out, or trying to grow your business, to throw yourself in.  Regularly working 7 days a week, every evening and weekend, sometimes juggling another job, as well as home and family commitments.  But it’s not a sustainable solution in the long-term.  Continuing to work like this will ultimately lead to burn out (check out Tiffany’s guest blog on recognising and avoiding burn out here) and/or making mistakes affecting your brand and client relationships.  Giving yourself room to think and breathe will allow you to work at the top of your game.  But even from a personal perspective, if you are so worn out and run down, the time you spend with your family is going to feel like a chore rather than quality time.

Take time off

As part of the not overstretching yourself, it’s also important to take time out.  Now I appreciate you are super busy; you’re limited on time and juggling many different hats with various different deadlines.  Why would you even consider taking time out?  Because we need to recharge.  We can’t keep pushing to get it all done.  If we do, this will lead to burn out.  Even taking a short time out allows you to clear your mind and come back more focused.  It also makes you appreciate your family and your business more.

Scheduling and automation

If you aren’t already using any form of scheduling or automation for your business, you are missing a trick.  Using different apps and programs to automate things such as your client on/off boarding, email campaigns, social media scheduling will save you a very large amount of time.  If you can use a system that will automatically do these things for you, it’s time well saved that can be spent elsewhere.

Learn to delegate

The only thing holding you back in life and in your business is your time.  If you could free up even an extra hour a day, what could you do with it?  Maybe follow up with a potential client you met through networking or developing your business offering to bring in more revenue.  Or maybe it’s spending an extra hour with your little ones, getting your hair and nails done, or what about going swimming or to the gym?  Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be great to have an extra hour in the day?

There are so many things you could delegate within your business: bookkeeping, social media, research, client on/off boarding, invoicing, marketing, the list goes on!  But also think about your personal life.  What about getting a cleaner in for an hour a week, having your grocery shopping delivered or how about someone to do your ironing?

If you are looking to gain a better work life balance and need help with growing your business, why not schedule a call with Tiffany to find out how the TWVA team could help.  Call now on 07760 222906 or email

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